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Hugh Jackman Reveals Villain in ‘The Wolverine’

Ooohhh…in one of the first big tidbits to come out of a celeb’s mouth at SDCC, Hugh Jackman flat out announced who he’ll be fighting in the upcoming Wolverine sequel.

While promoting Real Steel at the San Diego Comic-Con, Jackman revealed the following…


“…I will be filming Wolverine 2 in October. Chris McQuarrie has written a fantastic script and it should turn out really good. I’ll fight the Silver Samurai in it so that should be exciting. Most of the filming will take place in Japan.”

James Mangold will be directing the sequel off a screenplay being written by Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects) which will have most of the film taking place in Japan.

The Wolverine, starring Hugh Jackman, is expected to arrive in theaters in 2013.

  • http://twitter.com/justWidle Justin Widle

    awwwwwww. I was hoping For Omega Red. and an R Rating. Won’t be seeing this one either…Heres to hoping Deadpool doesn’t suck.

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