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25 Science Fiction and Fantasy Film Mashup Illustrations

Enjoy the following collection of sci-fi/fantasy/comic book mashup illustrations that manage to spark our imagination more than we could ever dream. I mean, come on….Batman vs Jaws?


Predator vs. Aunt May (via Steve Requin)

Colossus and Bender (via Marco D’Alfonso)

Batman and Robin meet The Doctor (via Dean Trippe)

Doctor Who meets The Muppets (via Amy Mebberson)

Boba Fett walks into Mordor with Frodo (via Benjamin Collison)

Colossus and Bender (via Marco D’Alfonso)

Hellboy meets Indiana Jones (via Dan Hipp)

Hellboy, Batman and Spawn (via Justin Wood)

Hellboy as Mario and Abe Sapien as Iron Man (via Dan Hipp)

Batman fights Jaws with a lightsaber (via buzzfeed)

Mickey Mouse as Snake Plissken (via Dan Hipp)

Skeletor and Red Skull in the Park (via Marco D’Alfonso)

Star Trek meets X-Men: First Class (via Dan Hipp)

Back to the Teen Wolf (via Philip Tseng)

Darth Vader vs. Batman (via Buzzfeed)

WolverMickey (via GraphicGeek)

Yoda battles a Balrog (via Benjamin Collison)

Futurama’s Zoidberg is a Kraken (via buzzfeed)

The Dalek wins (via Jimmy Benedict)

Shaggy is a Ghostbuster (via Kizer)

The Witch King rides a Speeder Bike (via Benjamin Collison)

Mario battles a Dalek (via Keith Kuniyuki)

Bill and Ted vs. Daleks (via Christopher Jones)

Samuel L. Jackson is the Wizard of Oz (via buzzfeed)

Sesame Street Batman (via buzzfeed)

  • http://twitter.com/steverequin Steve Requin

    Thanks for including my Predator VS Aunt May art in this. :D

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