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Fox Plans on Developing ‘The Spectre’ Television Series

Fox has announced that is has officially bought the rights to produce a live-action television series based on the DC Comics superhero, The Spectre. The story behind The Spectre revolves around a former police officer who, after his untimely death, continues to investigate and pursue criminals on behalf of the deceased.

While the character may be far less well-known than his Superman, Batman and Green Lantern contemporaries, it’s important to note that the character was created by Bernard Baily and Jerry Siegel (creator of Superman) back in the 1940’s and has had as much staying power as the rest of DC Comics characters. I firmly believe that, if executed correctly, The Spectre could make for a great tv series (or film) down the line.

Here’s hoping Fox does the series justice.

via [Deadline]

  • Anonymous

    This sounds awful. It will be terrible just like The Cape

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