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Home Design Design For ‘Godzilla’ Reboot May Be Based Off This Sculpture

Design For ‘Godzilla’ Reboot May Be Based Off This Sculpture

Thanks to the folks over at Infamous Kidd, two new photographs have surfaced of what may just be a sculpture of the design concept for Godzilla in an upcoming reboot being developed by Legendary Pictures. There hasn’t been much news to come out of this production since director Gareth Edwards (Monsters) and writer David Goyer were tapped to helm the motion picture.

Given the lack of provided info, many of us Godzilla fans have been stuck in imagination-mode as to how the next incarnation of Godzilla might look on the big screen. Luckily for us, the following photos of a sculpture designed created by Hector A. Arce, a sculptor currently on the design team for the reboot, have given us a taste of what might be delivered.

Could this little guy be a rough-draft blueprint of what we’ll be seeing on the big screen? Let’s hope so!

via [Infamous Kidd]

  • The Guy Next Door

    This is much more bad ass then the last version of  Godzilla. I like how this one looks more like the original and not just a dinosaur. Is there any word on when this reboot is gonna be released?

  • Asura

    Uhhh… it’s not.  I’ve seen that sculpture on DeviantArt since before the G2012 movie was announced.

  • Callendros

    I wouldnt rule it out as this may be sculpt probly played a part in his being hired on to the project, so it could look close to this.

  • Yohiel8

    The figure has a real scene of power and presence. It would be more impressive with a much longer tail. It is after all a sea monster, and an impressive tail is what would be true to the other Godzilla’s, your honoring.

  • Rich Yan

    If they redesign him I will never pay money to see this movie. That was the stupidest goddamned thing they did the last time they tried a relaunch.

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