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Robert Kirkman Excited For Re-Imagining ‘The Walking Dead’ TV Show

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman recently spoke to MTV about his excitement for being able to re-work the original storylines in the comics to branch out into different directions for the current television series.

In particular, Kirkman discusses how the character of Shane has influenced the direction of the TV show when compared to the character’s original storyline in the comic book series. We won’t go into spoilers for Shane here, but if you’re really curious about what happens to his character in the original storyline…GO READ THE BOOKS.

To a certain extent, I’ve told these stories before and I did them my own way in the comic book. I work on the TV show, I’m in the writers room, and it’s fun for me to look at it as a do-over. I can fiddle with things. I can play George Lucas, if you will, and I can think, ‘Well, what would happen if Shane had lived? How would that change things?’

Shane’s presence radically alters a lot of different things. Seeing how things are changed by his presence moving through the second season is a lot of fun for me. It ends up bringing in a lot of interesting twists and turns as you’ll see from watching the season.

New episodes of The Walking Dead air every Sunday at 9/8c on AMC.

via [MTV]

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