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  • Sjmab88


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Juan-Leal/1743422512 Juan Leal

    Awesome pieces of art. Not to be a smart ass but the Wizard of Oz is not a Disney movie.

  • Greyseal

    Words fail for how boring fantasy art has become in the last 3 months.  Break out and find something different ASAP.  This genre is OLD.  For a fresh idea, contact me.

  • Guest

    Half of these characters are aged 10-14.

  • guest

    depressing. please no more horny old man/ lonely fat guy art.

  • Art lover

    Not that I enjoy pictures of Disney being sexy, but wonderfully drawn.

  • Jim Rice

    I can really enjoy these.  Nice to see first thing in the morning!   Super artist!


  • ok

    tiana isn’t white but nice try

    • BallerinaBabe

      Um she isn’t white in the picture…

      • I’mjustsayin’

        It’s also not Tiana.

        While some are obviously influenced by the Disney stories, this might have been drawn before Tiana existed. The art I remember seeing depicting the Princess and the Frog was a light skinned woman with brown hair. This princess is definitely the artist’s interpretation based on previous existing artwork, not the Disney version.

    • lighteningisstillwhitewashing

      she clearly isn’t white, but light-skinned enough to be “acceptable”

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