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DC Comics To Release ‘Zero’ Issues This September

To help commemorate the one year anniversary of DC Comics’ ‘New 52’ relaunch, the company has announced that all of the original new 52 books will have their #13 issue numbers restarted from #0. That’s right, when issue #13 arrives for several major books, the issue number will actually read #0 before continuing their back-to-normal run of #13 in October.

This 1-issue reprieve will serve as a fill-in book for the events and stories currently taking place in all the New 52 titles. This seems like a worthwhile plan for DC Comics as many of their individual superhero books seemed to jump start their stories from various points in time in the various heroes lives.

Now we just anxiously await the details about the creative teams who might be stepping in and what storylines might be sparked for the long run.

via [Bleeding Cool]

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