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Home Comic Book Cosplay: Lady Thor by Toni Darling
  • Douchebag212

    that bitch is uggggly!!!!

    • Notadouchebag

      you’re ugly!

  • Loki

    She is very attractive and I love the outfit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/IfuritaOni Bree Smith

    The woman is fine and I like the abs but this is a sex-kitten cosplay, not a Thor cosplay.  No god in her right mind would fight Frost Giants with her arms, chest and stomach exposed like that.  <_<;;

    • Yest2k12

      She wouldn’t need to fight coz she’s so HOT, Frost Giants would just melt in her presence!

  • Mandrake

     No….just wrong! There never was or would ever be a ‘Lady Thor’….please don’t subvert the legend/myth of the Norse God. If you’re going to make a costume relating to the legend of Thor, then make the one worn by the Lady Sif in the film. The Goddess Sif, according to legend, a fierce warrior herself, later became Thor’s wife and bore him a son. Make the Lady Sif costume….not this!!
    P.S. The mark VII Ironman costume was outstanding, by the way, superb!!

    • Soloman Adams

      shut up………… she’s hot……… just, i dont know…. fuck off

      • Mandrake


    • Yest2k12

      We’re not talking about the real pagan gods here.
      Look here…


      • Mandrake

         Maybe not, but the comic stories/film are based on and around the original legend’s, if you want to make it believable, at least make it factual. ‘Thor Girl’ is a recent new character in the comics, poetic licence its called.
        All I’m trying to point out is, as a costume, the Lady Sif one from the film, is much more believable and, to be honest, sexier!
        Ok, if you want bedroom role-play, then go for this one, but if you want credability as a serious costume designer/maker, then at least make them believable.
        No Warrior woman worth half her salt would ever dream of going into battle half naked!

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000349044899 Bao Nguyen

          Oh wow Buzz Killington really exists! 

    • http://www.facebook.com/WillQuinter0 Will Quintero

      you gotta be gay, right?

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