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Home Comic Book ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Shatters Midnight Release Records in Wake of Tragedy

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Shatters Midnight Release Records in Wake of Tragedy

Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises has officially landed in theaters and is already boasting some impressive numbers for midnight showings, bringing in close to $28 million from 3,700 locations. Already, these numbers have easily eclipsed the midnight screening numbers for Marvel’s The Avengers, a film that brought in $18.4 million with the help of 3D, and is now on pace to becoming the “largest superhero midnight show of all time.” When The Avengers was first released in Digital 3D, Real3D and IMAX 3D, the movie was screened at 2,500 locations scattered around the United States and Canada. As an added bonus, many of the theaters wound up playing the film for 24 hours during the opening weekend, which significantly increased it’s opening weekend gross.

As to whether or not Warner Bros. will make the same decision remains entirely unknown as it comes down to the willingness of the local theater’s workforce to man the extra hours. Another significant factor that’s expected to make an impact on the opening weekend numbers was the tragic mass shooting that occurred inside a theater in Colorado just a little after midnight at a screening for The Dark Knight Rises. Orchestrated by a lone gunman, 14 individuals were killed and over 50 were wounded when the man opened fire in a packed theater shortly after midnight. This is the first time that such a mass killing has ever occurred inside of a movie theater and will most certainly change the way security is handled at such packed events.

In addition to the impressive numbers from midnight screenings in the U.S., The Dark Knight Rises has also managed to pull in $30 million worth of pre-sale revenue and earned an additional $10.4 million from international screenings in nine different countries.

Despite these impressive numbers, it’s unlikely that The Dark Knight Rises will end up breaking the box-office record set by The Avengers total of $207 million. Several contributing factors can be attributed to this, including the lack of 3D, a much different target demographic, and the fact that there are far less showings for Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film than there were for The Avengers. Again, should Warner Bros. decide to persuade theaters to do 24/7 screenings, these numbers will most certainly improve. But the film’s lack of 3D (which I’m personally grateful for) will most certainly be the biggest factor in The Dark Knight Rises taking 2nd place.

Numbers aside, let us know what you think of the latest film in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight franchise and leaves us comments below! But please….PLEASE….do NOT post SPOILERS!

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