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Grant Morrison Announces Departure From ‘Batman Incorporated’, ‘Action Comics’

While speaking in an interview with Comic Book Resources, author Grant Morrison revealed that he will be leaving both Batman Incorporated and Action Comics to continue working on his own projects that don’t deal with the realm of superheroes. We knew that Morrison would be stepping away from Batman, Inc at the end of his 12-issue run, possibly leaving the title in the hands of a new creative team, but the announcement that he’ll be departing Action Comics is certainly news to fans.

“The idea was always that I’d keep doing it as long as it gave me a lot of pleasure and allowed me to express myself. And it still does, but I can see the end coming closer. I’m coming to the end of long runs and stories I’ve had planned in my notebooks for years and the stuff I’m developing now is quite different.”

“The “Action Comics” run concludes with issue #16, “Batman Incorporated” wraps up my take with issue #12, and after that I don’t have any plans for monthly superhero books for a while. “Multiversity” is eight issues and I’m 30-odd pages into a Wonder Woman project but those are finite stories.”

Grant Morrison has always been considered as a hit-or-miss author with comic book readers in the sense that his writing style is simply not for everyone. Many shrug off his writings as being far too complicated and steer clear of his work, while others praise his storylines as borderline genius to the extent that he even has his own convention in is name, MorrisonCon.

For the better part of the last 20 years, Morrison has dabbled in numerous indie books as well as several big name superhero titles from both Marvel and DC. While there’s no question that he’s taken many of these characters to a whole new level through intellectual storytelling, he’s also managed to fumble a great deal of character treatments and, particularly with well-established superheroes, that just doesn’t sit well with fans.

This may or may not be a factor in the case for Morrison leaving Action Comics, a Superman title that was initially quite strong out of the gate when it was released back in September, but has since lost a significant amount of readership over the past few issues. Batman Incorporated, however, a title that Morrison first launched (pre-New 52) back in 2011, is one of the finer examples of his work dealing with superheroes. After all, it was Morrison who created the character of Damian Wayne, the newest (and darkest) Robin who’s become a fan-favorite among readers since his modern introduction in 2006 and is prominently featured in the Batman Incorporated title.

“I’m not saying that I’ll never write superheroes again. It’s just that my relationship to them has changed especially after finishing the book and I’m not sure if I want to maintain the same kind of relentless level of production.”

Fans will be able to look forward to Morrison’s HAPPY!, an upcoming title published by Image Comics and illustrated by Darick Robertson, which will be the company’s first creator-owned series to be developed by the writer.

via [CBR]

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