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Home Comic Book Valiant Reveals (A Very Dark) ‘Shadowman’ Teaser

Valiant Reveals (A Very Dark) ‘Shadowman’ Teaser

Valiant Comics has just sent us a teaser image from one of their upcoming new titles…and all signs point to Shadowman! Scheduled to arrive this November, Shadowman was originally one of the flagship titles for Valiant Comics back in the early 90s and went on to become of the most popular characters within the Valiant universe.

The original series follows the character of Jack Boniface, a New Orleans jazz musician who finds himself overtaken by a spirit named Bosou Koblamin, a soul that seeks to reclaim the night from the evil forces that prey on the innocent. With the assistance of the spirit, Jack finds himself acquiring superhuman strength whenever shadows fall along with the urge to “hunt” the criminals at large, encountering even greater (and more evil) forms of magic along his way.

The company has yet to announce any of the details regarding the creative team, but either way, we can’t wait to see Jack back in print this November!

via [Valiant Comics]

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