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Ben Affleck In Talks To Direct ‘Justice League’ Movie

Warner Bros. is apparently moving fast after Marvel and Disney’s announcement that Joss Whedon will be helming The Avengers sequel. According to Variety, Warner Bros. has approached actor/director Ben Affleck to discuss whether or not he would be willing to direct the Justice League movie.

This isn’t the first time that the actor/director has been approached to direct a superhero film, having been an earlier candidate to direct the upcoming Superman reboot, Man of Steel, before Warner Bros. decided to hire Zack Snyder. Following the success of Affleck’s The Town, another film under the Warner Bros. umbrella (which ironically starred The Avengers’ Jeremy Renner), the director has proven himself both in front and behind the camera as being able to deliver a commercially viable and critically acclaimed film. Affleck is apparently the only individual who has been sent Will Beall’s script for the Justice League, and according to sources of Variety’s Jeff Sneider and Justin Kroll, the studio is preparing to meet with the director in within a few days.

Variety also hints at reports that the director may also end up starring in the film, possibly donning a superhero suit yet again after starring in 2003′s Daredevil. If you really want to count his superhero roles, you could even include his performance in Hollywoodland as George Reeves, the actor who portrayed Superman in the 1950s television series.

Justice League by Alex Ross - GeekRest.com

The Justice League by Alex Ross

Much like the development of The Avengers, fans around the world will be paying very close attention to this project over the course of 2012. The film is essentially DC’s response to Marvel’s The Avengers, bringing together a team of DC Comics’ most popular superheroes, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and The Flash.

At the rate that the production is currently going, it’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing this characters together on the big screen before 2015. However, all goes as planned, Warner Bros. may have a Justice League film ready by the time Marvel wraps up it’s second phase of storytelling in their cinematic universe.

via [Variety]

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