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DC Announces Guest Creative Team For ‘Nightwing’

DC Comics has announced that “Nightwing” will be getting a special guest creative team for issues #13 and #14, welcoming aboard writer Tom DeFalco and artists Andres Guinaldo and Mark Irwin. It just so happens that the two issues will feature a brand new foe for Dick Grayson to spar with, an assassin by the name of Lady Shiva who will be introduced in the special “Nightwing” #0 issue arriving in October.

“When writer Kyle Higgins needed a breather to gear up for the Joker’s monstrous return in issue #15, I turned to Tom, who pitched in on issue #0,” series editor Brian Cunningham told DC’s The Source. “I’ll just come out and say it: Tom ranks among the best ever at writing street-level heroes. And Tom really delivered with his first solo trip to Gotham, following the narrative that Kyle has developed without skipping a beat, and helping to set up the Joker arc. And it felt natural for Tom to continue exploring the character of Lady Shiva, who first appears in NIGHTWING #0.”

“In this story, both Dick and Shiva have grown up some since their first encounter—they’re not teenagers anymore—so it’ll be fun to see how each fares in a fair fight. Wait, did I say fair fight? Forget it—Shiva remains by far the better fighter, so it’s up to Dick to find a way just stay alive!”

Nightwing #14 cover art - GeekRest.com

Nightwing #14 cover art

“On the art side, Andres Guinaldo is an on-the-rise artist to be reckoned with, and you can quote me. He’s extremely talented and has an idiosyncratic style that’s also perfectly suited for mainstream comics. Keep your eye on this guy—he will only get better. You’ll see what he’s capable of in these two issues, especially after Mark masterfully inks him.”

“Nightwing” #0 (#13) arrives on store shelves on October 17, 2012.

via [The Source]

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