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Home Game News Ouya Game Console Ends Kickstarter Campaign With 8.5 Million In The Bank

Ouya Game Console Ends Kickstarter Campaign With 8.5 Million In The Bank

Ouya, an Android-powered gaming console, is the latest wake-up call for the video game industry. With more than 63,000 backers, the Kickstarter project ended its one-month campaign having raised an astonishing $8.5 million. Not only has the Ouya console captured the attention of game enthusiasts everywhere, but a number of high-profile partners, including Vevo, OnLive and Namco Bandai, are fully supporting the company.

“We are truly excited and blown away by the support: it’s amazing how well an open, affordable, accessible games console has resonated with gamers and developers,” says Ouya chief executive Julie Uhrman. “People are really excited about somebody wanting to buck the trend.”

Ouya Kickstarter - GeekRest.comIn addition, the Ouya is touted as being fully “hackable”; it is the first TV console that will be open to any developer that would like to make a game or app. Normally game developers must gain permission from companies like Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony as they pay for expensive development kits in order to make games for those consoles. Instead, the Ouya welcomes all developers by giving them the privilege to create games without any licensing, retail, or publishing fees. The only condition developers must abide by offering some free gameplay.

If you weren’t one of the backers, the $99 console is still available for pre-order with an expected March 2013 release date.

The console comes with one wireless controller, 1GB RAM, Wi-Fi, HDMI output, and 8GB of internal flash storage. You may order an additional controller for $30 more.

via [Kickstarter]

  • Optimus_past_my_Prime

    It’s about time ‘The Big 3′ had some competition.

    • http://www.geekrest.com/ GeekRest

       Absolutely. The world is ready for a new contender.

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