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Home Animation ‘Disassembled’ Short Proves Everyone Can Have A Bad Day…Even Heroes

‘Disassembled’ Short Proves Everyone Can Have A Bad Day…Even Heroes

Animated Short Disassembled - GeekRest.com

Not only did animator Junaid Chundrigar create one of the sharpest looking (and most hilarious) animated shorts we’ve ever seen spoofing the characters found within the Marvel universe, but Stan Lee himself took notice and decided to help spread the video himself! The short follows several characters from both The Avengers film as well as the Marvel universe, showing us that everyone has their share of bad days…particularly heroes.

via [Junaid Chundrigar]

  • Diana Howe via Facebook


  • Your number one fan ;)

    Venom and the ice cream is the best part!

  • Junaid Chundrigar

    Thanks for the post! We’re now working on a show in this style for Stan Lee’s World of Heroes! http://youtu.be/cwM6oCR8DMo

  • http://www.facebook.com/nick.crosby.39 Nick Crosby via Facebook

    That was great! more please!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jack.clark.98478 Jack Clark via Facebook

    ok…that’s funny

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