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Concept Art For Marvel NOW! ‘Iron Man’ Reveals New Suits

Marvel Now Iron Man - GeekRest.com

Marvel continues to prepare readers for their upcoming wave of titles to be released under the Marvel NOW! banner with the following pieces of concept art from new Iron Man series. As a character who’s no stranger to wearing many different variations of armor, Tony Stark will be donning two very different Iron Man suits in the first few issues of the new title. Series writer Kieron Gillen explains that Iron Man will often be wearing a one of several different suits of armor depending one which is better matched to handle whatever situation or adversary he’s confronted with.

The new pieces of concept art from illustrator Carlo Pagulayan reveal two very different styles of armor; one being a heavy armor suit while the other focuses on stealth capabilities.

“In the first and second issues, we go and see the modular nature of the suit. The ultra-high tech joust of the second issue is especially a showcase for the ‘Ooh, I think I’ll have that arm, with the fancy UV Laser’ style of storytelling. But sometimes you can’t just fiddle with the details. Sometimes you have to commit to a problem, and that’s what the suits in issues three and four are showcasing.”

Marvel NOW Iron Man - GeekRest.com

“The stealth suit [is] shown here in tasteful black, though its chameleonic tendencies can move that in any direction he wants. It maxes out its light-bender, includes lots of holograms, lots of hacking and still keeps a little repulsor and strength if needed. Also, it looks great. [Issue #4] showcases the sort of suit which starts where War Machine leaves off. Frankly, if I was asked to re-launch Power Pack, I’d somehow manage to work a mini-gun in there, so it’s no surprise that there’s some manner of Gatling device attached to this genuinely brutal piece of machinery.”

Marvel NOW Iron Man - GeekRest.com

Marvel NOW! Iron Man launches on November 7, 2012.

via [Marvel]

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