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Home Game News ‘Halo 4′ Screenshots Reveal The Return Of The Flood

‘Halo 4′ Screenshots Reveal The Return Of The Flood

Halo 4 Flood - GeekRest.com

It looks like 343 Industries will be bringing back the Flood for the upcoming Halo 4 title, giving players another shot at taking on the alien zombie parasites featured in the original games. The announcement comes as a surprise to many after the developer announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2012 that the Flood would NOT be appearing in the next entry of the franchise.

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Halo 4 - GeekRest.com

According to the developer, it seems that the Flood will only appear in a single multiplayer game mode which they’ve appropriately titled “Flood”. The new game mode will allow two “infected” players to take on any number of additional opponents as the Flood systematically infect (ie, kill) the opposing players, adding the numbers of the deceased to the Flood team until no more players remain.

via [AGB]

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