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Marvel Announces Relaunched ‘Uncanny X-Force’ Coming In 2013

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Marvel Comics has revealed the upcoming Marvel NOW! title previously associated with the “Killers” teaser title card from last week. The “Killers” promo card was part of a second wave of one-word teasers that Marvel’s been rolling for the past few weeks, and only revealed the attached creative team of Sam Humphries and Ron Garney. The company has now announced that an all-new ongoing Uncanny X-Force series will be relaunched following the departure of long-time writer Rick Remender after issue #35.

After the shocking end to the previous group known as X-Force, the mutant known as Psylocke recruits her own clandestine group of operatives—Storm, Puck and Spiral—for missions so important—and so bloody—no one can know the truth. But when the time traveler known as Bishop returns to the present, he puts this new X-Force in his sights and won’t rest till he finds them. But just why does this former ally of the X-Men now hunt his former teammates? The answer will leave you speechless.

Uncanny X-Force - GeekRest.com

While speaking with Comics Alliance, Sam Humphries went into detail about how he plans to approach the upcoming title.

“This is not any cast that I think anyone can say they’ve ever seen before. This is not a classic Wolverine, Rogue, Colossus line-up,” Humphries told Comics Alliance. “It’s definitely a new mix of characters thrown together in ways that they really have never encountered each other before. The group that we start off with right off the bat is Psylocke, Storm, Puck and Spiral, and we have a few more characters joining the group in the first few issues. In my mind, all those characters are wild cards. They’re all strong personalities, they’re all strong in terms of their powers, they’ve all got dark secrets and they’ve all got a rebellious streak. That to me is a really attractive part of the book, being able to balance all those character dynamics at once.”

Humphries went on to state that he plans to take the series in a slightly different direction than the one initially started by Rememder, but that the earlier events in the series remain the building blocks for the new path.

“Nobody wants to see me try and continue X-Force as a watered-down version of Rick Remender,” said Humphries. “Rick asked questions in the book and addressed them. There’s nothing left for me to continue, but it would not be an enjoyable experience for anyone involved, for the readers, for Rick, for me or for Marvel. No one would come out pleased. This spins directly out of the events of Rick’s run, but it takes the concept of X-Force, the mandate of the book and the characters down a new path with a new focus.”

Written by Sam Humphries and illustrated by Ron Garney, Uncanny X-Force will launch in January 2013.

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