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Home Comic Book Robert Kirkman Settles Legal Issues With Tony Moore

Robert Kirkman Settles Legal Issues With Tony Moore

The Walking Dead Settlement - GeekRest.com

It appears that The Walking Dead co-creators Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore have finally reached an agreement over the long-running legal issues over The Walking Dead which were first initiated by Moore earlier this year.

In February of this year, Tony Moore made quite a splash in the comic book world by claiming that Kirkman had knowingly deceived him when he was was asked to sign a contract that effectively transferred most of the property rights to Kirkman, the writer of the critically acclaimed title. These property rights became a very big deal for all parties involved with the success of AMC’s groundbreaking adaptation of the comic book series.

Robert Kirkman - GeekRest.comThen, later in the year, Moore filed an additional claim in federal court, demanding that he retain co-authorship rights for The Walking Dead as well several additional comic book properties such as Battle Pope. Throughout this sensitive ordeal, Moore went on to publicly state that “Kirkman is a proud liar and fraudster who freely admits that he has no qualm about misrepresenting material facts in order to consummate business transactions”. Moore had requested that his case be handled by a jury, making matter worse for Kirkman, who clearly wished to not have the ordeal be in the public spotlight.

Based on the following statement made available to The Hollywood Reporter, it now appears he have gotten his wish.

“Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore are pleased to jointly announce that they have reached an amicable agreement in their respective lawsuits and all parties have settled the entire matter to everyone’s mutual satisfaction. Neither side will be discussing any details but will instead happily and productively spend their time focused on their own work and move on in their lives.”

Do you think this is the last we’ll see of Moore vs. Kirkman?

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