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Second Wave of Marvel NOW! Teasers Begin With ‘Lightning’

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Marvel Comics has begun to release their second wave of Marvel NOW! teasers, releasing a new exclusive ‘Lightning’ teaser through Newsarama. The new series will feature the creative talents of Daniel Way and Steve Dillon and, beyond that, not much is known about the upcoming series other than the recent comment made by Daniel Way that this will be “a team book and… yeah, that’s about all I can say.”

Given the choice wording used in the “Lightning” promo, we’ve been tossing around ideas that the book could have something to do with Thor or Storm, but that seems a little on the nose considering Thor already has his own Marvel NOW! series coming and Storm just doesn’t seem right to hold her own solo book…yet. However, there’s also the possibility that the “Lightning” teaser could also be referring to the Thunderbolts, a team comprised of villains and anti-heroes from the Marvel Universe.

Then there’s the issue of the red crosshair that lays over the text. When it comes to firepower in the Marvel Universe, the Punisher is generally the first character that comes to mind. But Punisher on a team book? Turns out it’s not so farfetched of an idea based on the comments of outgoing Punisher writer Greg Rucka, who recently told IGN that, “”At some point a few months ago I was informed that Marvel wanted to end the book and would be spinning Punisher out into a different team book.”

Could this be that book?

via [Newsarama]

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