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Another Viral Video Surfaces From Mystery Neill Blomkamp Project

Neil Blomkamp - GeekRest.com

If you’re a fan of eerie viral videos for upcoming movies, you may remember the creepy clip of found-footage that was posted back in November of 2010. The viral video was released as part of an iPad-exclusive copy of Wired Magazine and was purportedly related to an upcoming sci-fi project from District 9 director Neill Blomkamp.

The strange new found-footage clip comes from a filmmaker titled Marvin and appears to be part of the same project that was teased in 2010, focusing on yet another creature discovery by two Canadian bystanders.

Note: The following video is most certainly NSFW due to explicit language.

Could this be part of Neill Blomkamp’s upcoming Chappie project? Or is it something entirely different? Either way, our interest is piqued.

via [MovieWeb]

  • Garrison Alacritous-Doom via Facebook

    let’s hope it’s District 10

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