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Marvel Announces “Age of Ultron” 10-Issue Miniseries

Age of Ultron - GeekRest.com

Following the release of a mysterious ‘Age of Ultron’ binary teaser image, Marvel has now confirmed that “Age of Ultron” will be an upcoming 10-issue limited series that will launch in March of 2013. The upcoming title feature Brian Michael Bendis on writing with issues #1-5 being illustrated by Bryan Hitch and #6-10 by Brandon Peterson and Carlos Pacheco.

“Age of Ultron is about Ultron, one of our biggest villains ever, finally fulfilling his destiny, which is taking the Earth,” says Bendis. “From the very first page, Ultron has taken the Marvel Universe and everything is changed. There is a shocking amount of destruction and devastation. It started in Avengers, but it’s meant to be a Marvel Universe book. It starts everyone.”

'Age of Ultron' #1 variant cover - GeekRest.com

‘Age of Ultron’ #1 variant cover

According to Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort, all five of Bryan Hitch’s issues are “completely inked and done.” This means that fans will most likely see a steady schedule of releases for the series, which will have three issues arriving in March and three issues arriving in April. Giving a great deal of credit to Bendis, Brevoort went on to state that the ‘Age of Ultron’ story will be “an Avengers Vs. X-Men level event.”

“If you go back to the earliest Ultron stuff, he has severe daddy issues, even for a Marvel character, and they all have daddy issues. His logic is that the only thing standing in the way of the Earth being what it can be is humanity. I’m kind of obsessed with artificial intelligence in the real world and why people are scared of it. If there were a Marvel Singularity, it would be from Ultron. This is the moment technology takes over in a hostile way.”

While the beginnings of the Ultron War were supposed to kick off in 2012, the 2013 arrival of the “Age of Ultron” miniseries means that the start of the war will now take place in a post-Marvel NOW! universe. The company acknowledged the distinction, saying that the upcoming series will “will fall in line with changes brought to the Marvel Universe by Marvel NOW!, specifically in Superior Spider-Man and Fantastic Four.”

The “Age of Ultron” miniseries will arrive in March 2013.

Age of Ultron Preview - GeekRest.com

Age of Ultron Preview - GeekRest.com

Age of Ultron Preview - GeekRest.com

Age of Ultron Preview - GeekRest.com

Age of Ultron Preview - GeekRest.com

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