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‘Star Citizen’ Concept Art Becomes Pre-Visualized 3D World In Latest Video

Roberts Space Industry has released a short video that gives us a very cool look at a design from Star Citizen, the upcoming crowd-funded PC title. The game recently wrapped up its Kickstarter campaign with an impressive $2.1 million in the bank and is already moving forward on bringing the concept art to life, as seen in the latest video to be released by the developer.

Billed as both a space trading and combat simulator for the PC, the upcoming title is currently being developed by Cloud Imperium Games Corporation, a company founded by the legionary Chris Roberts, a man who has contributed a great deal to the genre of space sims with his popular Wing Commander series. Roberts’ hopes that his new Star Citizen title will “breathe new life into space combat games” and that players will feel as though “they are right in the thick of a space battle or deep into a mission in a faraway galaxy.”

The Kickstarter campaign set a $500,000 goal for the project and wound up raking in approximately $2.1 million. However, the developer raised the majority of their funds through their official website, where they set a goal for $2 million and wound up approximately $6.2 million all combined. In fact, Star Citizen now stands as the highest crowd-funded video game project to date.

Chris Roberts expressed his gratitude for his supporters in the following statement given to Joystiq:

“I’m completely overwhelmed, humbled and grateful for the support from everybody who backed Star Citizen,” says Roberts. “I think we sent a statement to the rest of the gaming world that PCs and space sims are very much alive and kicking. I’m looking forward to creating the game and sharing the journey with this incredible community.”

via [Roberts Space Industry]

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