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More Romulans Coming to STAR TREK ONLINE


A mysterious splash page has been posted on the official Star Trek Online website that appears to suggest that new Romulan content will soon be heading to the popular MMORPG. Visitors to the page can roll their mouse over the alien text and see the translation in English, reading “March Beneath the Raptor’s Wings.” Fans of Star Trek are likely to recall that the symbol of the Romulan Empire is a raptor, which leaves many to suspect that the new addition to the game will feature the Romulan Faction of some kind.


Developed by Cryptic Studios, Star Trek Online has already released several updates/additions to the MMORPG, each one considered to be a new “Season” for the game. Each new Season has brought a new story arc to the game, continuing to expand upon the vast universe created by Gene Roddenberry. In Season 7, the Romulan homeworld was introduced and a new, well-received Romulan storyline was developed that took place after the 2009 Star Trek film.

The next update for Star Trek Online will be the eighth Season for the game and is currently scheduled to arrive in May, as the teaser states. However, as to whether or not the Romulans will become playable characters in the game or will rather just be included as a larger expansion to the New Romulus storyline still remains a mystery.

via [Star Trek Online]

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