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Sony Unveils Playstation 4 Details, Upcoming Games at NYC Event


Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 is on the way after announcing the next-gen console earlier today in New York City. Sony has revealed that the consoled will feature a “supercharged PC architecture” with an X86 CPU, “enhanced PC GPU” with GDDR5, 8GB of memory as well as traditional hard drive storage capabilities. The new console will feature a brand new engine code-named Panta Rhei, offering fans some mind-blowing graphics worthy of a next-generation platform. Fans should expect to see a plethora of titles for the console, with every major 3rd party publisher around the world supporting the PS4.

Sony also unveiled a new DualShock 4 controller for the console, one that features a touchpad, share button, headphone jack and enhanced rumble capabilities. The controller also features a stereo camera lightbar that can be used in conjunction with new camera peripheral, much like the Kinect.


In addition to the hardware, Sony hinted at plans to roll out a PlayStation cloud network that will allow gamers to play all of the older PlayStation titles through the new console. This expanded network will also allow gamers be able to stream their PS4 games to the PS Vita, making the Vita the ultimate companion device for the future console. Sony says that they will be partnering with social networks such as Facebook and Ustream that will allow gamers to share their gaming preferences and history with the online community. Sony has also revealed that they are currently working with content partners such Netflix and Hulu Plus to utilize Gaikai technology to bring home media entertainment to your living room.

killzone_shadow_fallA few game developers also took to the stage during Sony’s PlayStation event to show off some of the upcoming titles for the console, including Killzone: Shadow Fall (Guerrilla Studios) and the next-gen team racing game, DriveClub (Evolution Studios). In an effort to show off the ‘Share’ function of the DualShock 4 controller, the Killzone: Shadow Fall player used the button to send the captured gameplay footage to his Facebook page, which was revealed online shortly before the conference wrapped up (see below).

InFamous: Second Son, a PS4-exclusive title from Sucker Punch was one of the more intriguing titles to come out of event, showing us a totalitarian-themed game with a large focus on security cameras, personal freedoms and superhuman protagonists. The event also featured indy developer Jonathan Blow (creator of Braid), who unveiled the first official trailer for The Witness, an open-world (and beautiful-looking) puzzle game that will soon be getting a “release window” for the PS4.

Another big hit at the event was the first live demo of Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, the upcoming title that comes off as a marriage of the Grand Theft Auto games with the world of Hackers. Blizzard Entertainment also announced that they will be bringing Diablo 3 to PS4 in addition to the PS3. Bungie also took the stage to talk a bit about Destiny, their upcoming FPS and follow-up to the blockbuster Halo franchise. They revealed that the game will be coming to both the PS3 and PS4 and looks to be released around to 2013 holiday season.

In addition to the games, developers Quantic Dream and Media Molecule also took the stage to show off the technical capabilities of the next-gen console, which included a stunning real-time CGI presentation showing off the emotional ranges that can be achieved for a character. Media Molecule then took over and tallied about how gamers will be able to use the Move controller to sketch and create 3D images and sculptures, even character animations, in real-time.

Unfortunately, fans weren’t given a sneak peak of the actual PlayStation 4 console, which is due to arrive this holiday season, leaving many of those who traveled many miles for the event slightly underwhelmed. Regardless, the next-gen console looks to offer a great deal of entertainment when it finally arrives and we couldn’t be more excited for its release.

Are you impressed with what’s been shown so far?

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.yates.75 Richard Yates via Facebook

    Can’t wait for the new Killzone.

  • Wagner

    In fact, Sony wanted to show everyone “Do not buy the new XBox, we have it all here.” It did not show the new design and wait for Microsoft to disclose first. I hope you have not hampered the schedule of upcoming games again. We can only confirm with both hands on.

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