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‘The Walking Dead’ Season Three Limited Edition Blu-Ray Case


MTV has provided an exclusive look at the design for the upcoming Limited Edition Blu-ray case for The Walking Dead Season 3 and it’s easily one of the best cases we’ve ever seen. Designed by McFarlane Toys, the same company that brought us the flip-top zombie head container for Season 2, the case is a direct representation of The Governor’s secret “TV room” as seen in both the comics and on TV, complete with five violently decapitated zombie heads.

What makes this case so incredibly unique are the options for presentation that fans are given when they take the case out of the box. Once removed, fans can actually fill the forward compartment of the case up with water which allows the heads to float in an eerie fashion as seen on TV.

“We thought it would be fun for the consumer, after buying the case and taking it home, had to get a little interactive, because we’re not supplying the water!” says McFarlane. “So you’re going to have to fill up the tanks yourself, and we’ve got little hooks on the heads, so you can arrange them any way you see fit. You can hang them in a certain order, or you can just let them go to the ground and flop around. No one person’s case has to be exactly like the other’s.”

In addition to the water element, the case also comes equipped with an electronic component so that the tank can be illuminated for full effect. “It’s something where it should come across as an art piece, and then you can turn it to the side, and the wood paneling disguises where you can take out the discs.”





The final price and release date for the Blu-ray case have yet to be revealed but fans should probably expect to see the case arrive later this year.

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