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DC Announces ‘Trinity of Sin: Pandora’ Ongoing Series in June


Revealed at the Emerald City Comic Con over the weekend, DC has announced that they will soon be launching a new ongoing series in June, Trinity of Sin: Pandora. Set to star Pandora, the mysterious figure first introduced during the final days of the pre-New 52 universe, The upcoming series will be written by Ray Fawkes (Constantine, Justice League Dark) and illustrated by Daniel Sampere (Batgirl, The Ravagers).


Despite being just an observer during 2011’s Flashpoint storyline, the character has since gone on to reveal a great deal about the creation of the New 52 universe, explaining how three different timelines — the DC Universe, WildStorm and Vertigo — were intentionally merged into one so as to strengthen the Multiverse’s heroes ahead of an future threat. Forming one third of the Trinity of Sin, which also includes The Question and The Phantom Stranger, Pandora’s origin story was told in DC’s New Free Comic Book Day offering last year, which revealed that she is in fact the same Pandora who once opened the infamous box that led her to being sentenced to an eternity of loneliness. That hasn’t stopped the character from popping up in the New 52, bringing with her several major clues that she’ll be playing a very large part in DC’s upcoming ‘Trinity War’, the first major event in the New 52 universe.

Trinity of Sin: Pandora launches in June from DC Comics.

via [CBR]

  • Garrett Ross via Facebook

    thank god she brought two pistols and a soccer ball to save the universe.

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