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Superior Spider-Man Faces Venom in DARKEST HOURS


Coming straight out of the mecca that is San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel has announced that a new, four-issue storyline titled ‘Darkest Hours’ will be coming to “Superior Spider-Man” in November – one that will see Spider-Man (ie, Doctor Octopus) face off against Venom (Flash Thompson). The storyline will mark the first time that the two foes have met and will be co-written by Dan Slott and Christos Gage with artwork from Humberto Ramos.

This will clearly be an interesting encounter as Doc Ock has never encountered Flash Thompson since he first adopted the alien symbiote, something that Slott is looking forward to exploring.

They’ve had some run-ins. The Eddie Brock-version. The person who really hasn’t had a run-in with Doc Ock is Flash Thompson. There have been scenes where you have, like, “The Trial of Doc Ock,” and Flash is there with a group of people. Or at the end of some fight where Doc Ock is being taken away, Flash is there with everybody from Midtown High. But there really is no Otto Octavius/Flash Thompson mix-up anywhere.


The ‘Darkest Hours’ story arc will kick off in “Superior Spider-Man” #22 this November.

via [CBR]

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