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Totally Rad 1980s-Style Villain Album Covers

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Check out these totally rad 1980s villain album covers by designer Rocky Davies featuring Shredder, Alien, Dr. Doom and The Joker!

Awesome Homemade Iron Man Hand Repulsor Lamp

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Awesome Iron Man gauntlet repulsor lamp created by Sérgio Oliveira!

Book Review: ‘Silhouettes From Popular Culture’ By Olly Moss

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Titan Books’ Silhouettes From Popular Culture By Olly Moss arrives on store shelves day, showcasing the collected works of Olly Moss’ first solo exhibition titled ‘Paper Cuts.’ The exhibition first opened it’s doors at Gallery 1988 and introduced the world to Moss’ unique representations of cult icons as presented through the classic 18th century artform…

Geek Art: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D Street Art

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This beautiful Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 3D street art appeared over the weekend and helped further fans’ anticipation of the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles premiere airing this weekend on Nickelodeon. The latest CGI series, based on the popular “Heroes in a Half Shell”, attempts to tie in many of the elements that made both…

Geek Art: ‘Super’ Series by Rene Gagnon

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Check out these gorgeous Batman, Superman and Iron Man illustrations by street artist Rene Gagnon, who continues to produce stellar work in an attempt to “bridge the gap between graffiti and stereotypical ‘gallery art’.” The following collection is titled the ‘Super’ series and was created on three separate 36″ by 36″ blocks of canvas.

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