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Nerdy Show Comic Show LIVE! Charles Soule Panel

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“Imagine a panel at a convention… and now imagine it hopped up on rage energy! In the debut episode of Nerdy Show Comic Show LIVE we’re joined by comics author Charles Soule (Red Lanterns, Superman/Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Thunderbolts, She-Hulk, Inhuman, and Letter 44) but since it’s Nerdy Show, it’s anything but normal. We use…

Nerdy Show Presents ‘Bathtime with Eric’ – 2-3-14

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From the pages of Flame On: Nerdy Show’s All-Gay, All Geek Podcast – it’s Bathtime with Eric! The Diva Daddy with a Jean Grey complex slips into a bubble bath to share his nerd news highlights of the week. Get ready to be SOAKED!

‘The Seventh Day’ Comic News Recap – Week of January 6th-12th

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It’s been a long time coming, but we’re back with a brand new episode of The Seventh Day! Between the holidays, birthday celebrations (Adam turned 16!) and more, we took a brief hiatus as comic book news slowed for the month but the new year begins now with Marvel NOW!

‘The Seventh Day’ Comic News Recap – Week of November 4-November 10

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We’re back with a brand new episode of ‘The Seventh Day’, recapping all of the highlights in comic book news with your sexy* hosts, Aaron and Adam! Christmas came early this year with DC’s announcement that Jeff Lemire (Animal Man, Sweet Tooth) will be writing ‘Green Arrow’ beginning with issue #17 next year! Of course,…

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo on the Floor of NYCC 2012

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Hanging with Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo on the floor of NYCC 2012. Strange to have gone to middle school with one of them. #trivia

[Exclusive] Interview With Sam Humphries at NYCC 2012

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Adam from GeekRest chats it up with Sam Humphries, the man behind such exciting titles as Our Love Is Real, Sacrifice, John Carter: Gods of Mars, Fanboys vs Zombies , Higher Earth and the highly anticipated Uncanny X-Force title coming soon from Marvel NOW!

‘The Seventh Day’ Comic Book News – Week of September 30th-October 6th

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It’s the final episode of The Seventh Day before we head to NYCC 2012 and we can’t shut up about it! While most of the publishers are holding off their major announcements until the convention, Marvel continues to roll out their Marvel NOW! teasers ahead of next week’s launch of ‘Uncanny Avengers’. Other highlights from…

‘The Seventh Day’ Comic Book News – September 23rd – September 29th

With NYCC 2012 just around the corner, it appears that the publishers are slowing down their flow of announcements until the doors swing open at the Javits Center, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t rumors and speculation to discuss! This week we talk about the legal settlement that appears to have ended the Tony Moore…

‘The Seventh Day’ Comic Book News – September 16th – September 22nd

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What a week in comic book news! Adam from ‘GeekRest’ and Aaron from ‘A Comic Show’ return to talk about the latest happenings in the comic book world, discussing Greg Rucka’s complaints about the ‘Big Two’ publishers, Marvel’s snowballing announcements for upcoming Marvel NOW! titles, DC Comics’ cover art for the ‘Death of the Family’…

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