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Marvel Announces New AVENGERS NOW! Initiative


Marvel is really making waves now! Following the news of a new female Thor AND Sam Wilson (The Falcon) becoming Captain America, Marvel has now revealed their plans for a new Avengers NOW! initiative that will see Iron Man, Captain America and Thor all getting new #1 issues.
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Marvel Announces Sam Wilson As The New Captain America

All New Captain America - GeekRest.com

Following the news that a female character would be taking up the mantle of Thor, Marvel has now revealed that fans will soon be getting a new Captain America as well. The announcement was made by Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada as he appearad on The Colbert Report, revealing that that “Sam Wilson, his partner, The Falcon”, will become the next Captain America.
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First Official AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Stills Debut Online

Avengers Age of Ultron - GeekRest.com

Arriving on the heels of our first official look at Ultron, Entertainment Weekly has now released a wave of official stills from Joss Whedon’s Avengers: Age of Ultron sequel featuring Hawkeye, Black Widow, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Captain America, Thor, James Rhodes, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and more!

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New GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Character Poster For Yondu

Guardians of the Galaxy Yondu Poster - GeekRest.com

ComingSoon.net has posted the latest character poster for James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy featuring Michael Rooker as Yondu – one of the founding members of the original Guardians of the Galaxy team from the comics.
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First Official Look at AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Villain

Avengers Age of Ultron Villain - GeekRest.com

Entertainment Weekly has debuted the cover for its latest issue, revealing our first look at Ultron as he’ll be seen in Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Age of Ultron! The new cover shows the titular villain flanked by Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.) and Captain America (Chris Evans) while several of Ultron’s minions stand ready for battle in the background.
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Kotobukiya Previews Marvel Jubilee Bishoujo Statue

Jubilee Bishoujo - GeekRest.com

A Kotobukiya Japanese import! The Marvel Bishoujo collection, bringing you new interpretations of familiar superheroes and villains, continues with the perpetually youthful mutant and sidekick to Wolverine, Jubilee!
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First Full-Length BIG HERO 6 Trailer Arrives Online

Big Hero 6 Trailer - GeekRest.com

Walt Disney Pictures has released the first full-length trailer for Big Hero 6, the upcoming animated feature based on the Marvel Comics superhero team, and it looks fantastic! The new trailer arrives just one day after the voice cast was revealed to include Ryan Potter (Hiro Hamada), Scott Adsit (Baymax), Genesis Rodriguez (Honey Lemon), Jamie Chung (Gogo Tomago), Damon Wayans Jr. (Wasabi) and T.J. Miller (Fred/Fredzilla).
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New Winter Soldier Title Coming From Ales Kot, Marco Rudy

Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier - GeekRest.com

Writer Ales Kot and artist Marco Rudy will soon be launching an all-new ongoing series titled Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier – the first ongoing title for the character since the cancellation of Ed Brubaker’s Winter soldier last year. Since the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes will be the second Winter Soldier title to launch after Rick Remender and Roland Boschi’s five issue mini-series that ended this month.
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Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt And Paolo Rivera Delivering THE VALIANT Miniseries

The Valiant - GeekRest.com

When I think of a creative talent ‘dream team’ for a comic book series, it doesn’t come any closer than the grouping of Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt and Paolo Rivera – all of whom will be working together on a new Valiant Comics miniseries titled The Valiant. The upcoming prestige-format miniseries will unite Eternal Warrior, Bloodshot and a new Geomancer (Kay McHenry) as they face off against the evil Immortal Enemy that threatens to destroy, and will most certainly affect, the entire Valiant Universe for 2015.
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Hot Toys Releasing IRON MAN 3 ‘Bones’ Collectible Figure

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Bones - GeekRest.com

Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/6th scale Iron Man Mk XLI Collectible Figure from Shane Black’s Iron Man 3. This suit earned the nickname “Bones” for its unique outer appearance, featuring thin black and gold plating with the internal mechanisms exposed and Hot Toys has replicated its ability to split apart and reform!
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