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Lex Luthor, Alfred Cast in ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel

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Warner Bros. has confirmed that two very large roles have been filled for Zack Snyder’s highly anticipated Man of Steel sequel, announcing that Jesse Eisenberg will be playing villain Lex Luthor while Jeremy Irons will play Bruce Wayne’s iconic butler (and mentor), Alfred.

Fan-Made ‘Justice League’ Movie Trailer Gets Us Hungry For More

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The hype of a new Justice League film has been all the rage these past few weeks. Ever since the announcement made by Warner Bros. that they were indeed working on a Justice League film, fans have begun to speculate how these characters (or franchises) could work together in a shared cinematic universe. The following…

Comic Book Preview: ‘Action Comics’ #901

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Without a doubt, the best villain I think Superman has ever faced is Doomsday. I loved it when he first took to the pages of Superman and wound up “killing” him and I’ve enjoyed most of the incarnations (though tamer) that we’ve seen of him since. That event launched the ‘Reign of the Supermen‘ storyline…

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