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Comic Book Review: ‘Animal Man Annual’ #1

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DC Comics first wave of New 52 annuals have arrived with one of the most noteworthy releases being the Animal Man Annual #1. Written by Jeff Lemire and illustrated by Timothy Green II, Animal Man is perfect in the fact that it stands on its own while giving us a glimpse of what lies ahead…

Steve Pugh Prepares to Jump on Board ‘Animal Man’

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Travel Foreman, the artist behind the DC Comics’ Animal Man, will soon be moving on from the hit series and will be replaced by famed illustrator Steve Pugh. The announcement for Pugh’s return to the series came back in December, which had many of us excited to see the artist return to a series that…

Comic Book Review: Animal Man #5

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Jeff Lemire and Travel Foremen continue their work on the Animal Man series, which has already begun to prove itself a classic in the making. What began as a story that only dabbled in the disturbing has blossomed into a full-on superhero horror comic. On top of that, Lemire and Foreman have pushed Animal Man…

Comic Book Review: Animal Man #4

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Animal Man, one of the more cerebral books in ‘The New 52′, continues to remain strong as one of the leading comic book titles from DC Comics. In the latest issue, we continue to follow Buddy Baker and his daughter Maxine as they fight the evil manifestations belonging to The Rot, the invasive enemy that…

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