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Paul Cornell’s ‘Saucer Country’ May Be Revived Next Year

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Good news may be on it’s way for fans of Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelly’s recently-canceled “Saucer Country.” Fans may remember that the creator-owned Vertigo title met an unfortunate end earlier this year when it was included in DC’s latest round of cancellations. However, according to details revealed by writer Paul Cornell in a recent…

Comic Book Review: ‘Saucer Country’ #1

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Fans of The X-Files rejoice, there’s a comic book on the horizon that may tickle your fancy! The new series I’m speaking of is the first issue of Saucer Country, a new entry from writer Paul Cornell and artist Ryan Kelly that’s just one of four new Vertigo titles being launched this month.

Compilation of UFOs Captured on NASA Film

With the 600,000 ‘space junk’ objects currently orbiting the Earth, there’s the potential to see a lot of foreign objects floating around in orbital paths, particularly if you’re the crew aboard the International Space Station. The following compilation of clips show unidentified objects that have have been capture on film by NASA; many with no…

Strange UFO Lights Appear While Stargazing

Regardless of your beliefs towards what you think most UFO sightings can be attributed to, it’s fun sometimes to suspend disbelief and enjoy just enjoy as a mystery unfolds. The following UFO sighting video was filmed by American tourists while observing the full moon in Spain on February 11, 2009.

Unexplained Lights + Turbine Damage Cause UFO Buzz

Hey, who doesn’t like a good X-File case? Not entirely sure who or what was responsible for this, but it looks worthy of an X-File to me. Apparently, a wind turbine was mysteriously damaged overnight including the loss of one if it’s blades. This occurred in South Lincolnshire in the middle of the night shortly…

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