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Marvel Launching New ‘X-Force’ Title Next Year

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Marvel has announced that they will soon be merging both Cable and the X-Force and Uncanny X-Force into a single series next year, launching the new title as X-Force from writer Simon Spurrier and illustrator Rock-He Kim. The new series will arrive on store shelves in February and is expected to replace Marvel’s two current…

Sam Humphries Gives ‘Uncanny X-Force’ Tour of Los Angeles

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“Uncanny X-Force” writer Sam Humphries recently took MTV Geek! on a unique tour of Los Angeles, visiting several of the real-life locations he’s written into the popular Marvel NOW! series.

Sam Humphries Talks ‘Avengers A.I.’, ‘Sacrifice’ Collection at Wondercon

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Marvel NOW! superstar Sam Humphries stopped by the CBR TV Tiki room at WonderCon 2013 this week, taking a moment to talk about the latest happenings with Marvel NOW! writer’s “Age of Ultron” spinoff series “Avengers A.I.” as well as the hardcover collection of his creator-owned “Sacrifice” series coming soon from Dark Horse.

Marvel Announces Relaunched ‘Uncanny X-Force’ Coming In 2013

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Marvel Comics has revealed the upcoming Marvel NOW! title previously associated with the “Killers” teaser title card from last week. The “Killers” promo card was part of a second wave of one-word teasers that Marvel’s been rolling for the past few weeks, and only revealed the attached creative team of Sam Humphries and Ron Garney.…

Comic Book Preview: ‘Uncanny X-Force’ #12

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Marvel released this great looking variant cover for the upcoming Uncanny X-Force #12 which brings the total number of covers for issue #12 to 3. Don’t forget that this ‘X-Force’ issue is one of several books that will be featuring a variant cover from the ‘I Am Captain American‘ cover campaign which begins in June.

Comic Book Preview: ‘Uncanny X-Force’ #10

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Marvel has released several pages of the upcoming Uncanny X-Force #10 issue which is due to hit comic store shelves on May 18th. The issue features the artwork of Bill Tan and Rich Elson and is again written by Rick Remender. As always, in Remender I trust.

Marvel Teaser Trailer for ‘Fear Itself’ Comic Event

Marvel Comics has released an animated teaser for their highly anticipated ‘Fear Itself’ crossover event beginning in April. The storyline will begin in its own 7-issue series and will span across numerous titles as the God of Fear wreaks havoc on all the Marvel superheroes.

Marvel Releases Trailer for Upcoming ‘X-Force’ Series

Marvel has released a pretty nice looking tease trailer for the highly anticipated new ‘Uncanny X-Force‘ comic from Rick Remender, Jerome Opena and Esad Ribic. After Cyclops disbands Wolverine’s black-ops group, Logan assembles a brand new team to face a deadly new threat, courtesy of fan favorite creators Rick Remender, Jerome Opena and Dean White…

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